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Current 2P2P Client version is v0.1
Released August 18th, 2004
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  • The more we are, faster is project devlopment
    In fact, as we have all different qualities in programming, different experiences, 2P2P project .
    To start : web design, product's presentation, recruitment page and download links.
    After, documentation, how to do this or that...

  • Recruitment
    We need good PhP programers, PHP/GTK knwoledge, client/server developper, security experts, webdesigners and translaters.
    So if you are interested in working with 2P2P-Team, please contact us : http://sourceforge.net/projects/pp2p/
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2P2P Projects Infos

2P2P Project Status :
- SourceForge WebSite : v0.6c
    (Still under Construct)
- Client : v0.1a, alpha revision
- Server : v0.1a, first version has done

2P2P Project Developpers :
- Guiltouf [ADMIN]
- Marchemile [DEV]
- RaKKer [DEV]

2P2P Project Creation :
Guiltouf && Marchemile
August 18th, 2004

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